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"Down To Earth", "Highly Practical", "Immediate Impact" and "Fabulous Return On Investment"... are some of the words our clients say about us.


Our Flagship Programme is "THE ESSENCE OF MANAGEMENT", a Leadership and Management Development Programme. A highly practical  "In - House" or "Open" Course, creating immediate improvement in skills and guaranteed return on investment.

Creating memorable change which lasts a lifetime!


Sue Tonks is an acclaimed International Key Note Speaker. Her Key Note Presentation:"Rollercoaster's, Roundabouts and Roulette" has thrilled audiences with its humour, realism and honesty. Sue's unmistakable style gives the audience a practical insight into how they can create change in their business. She motivates and inspires her audience to make things happen in their personal lives and in business. Indeed, it is a presentation not to be missed!!


We believe that:
"understanding your team is the key to positively managing performance in the workplace".
The Synergy Team use tried and tested techniques to identify the skills and abilities in your team, simple management techniques together with our own uniquely designed performance tools to create immediate improvements in attitude, behaviour and performance... which last!
Whether you are looking for Management Development, Leadership Programmes, Key Note Speakers, Performance Management or high-quality staff training, Sue Tonks and her team have the answers.


The essence of our style is the "down to earth" way we explain even the most technical theories and translate Leadership and Management philosophies and ideas into memorable and highly practical actions. Delegates learn quickly, have fun and incorporate the training immediately into their workplace.
Sue says: "We want people to remember the skills they develop on the course forever, that's why our clients come back to us 3, 5 or 10 years later to train their new teams to become more effective."

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